I’ve changed my mind…again!

Before Christmas, which feels like ages ago now, I had just about talked myself into closing this blog down and sticking with Write Dorne (my sister blog). But, I’ve changed my mind again. Partly because folk take the time to visit , like and comment and because it probably represents the real me. I have a bit of a butterfly mind!

Yes, I may be spreading myself too thinly and I’m possibly the proud owner of two mediocre blogs. But, that is fine by me. I don’t want a blog that is bigger than me. I don’t have the time to properly administer it.

I think of my blogs as a bit like online diaries  and I write, play, create and brag whenever I feel like it. I’ve heard it said that blogging can be likened to graffiti! I think they may have a point.

So, my particular brand of graffiti is remaining on here. I’ll show up as and when and just be me. I thank you for taking the time to visit and follow.

Now…lets have a dance. I think I may have spotted Sir David Attenborough dancing in the background of this video! So cool, or what?

Thanks for visiting.

Dorne x


Calling all Mike Oldfield fans: a confession.

I don’t need any excuse to play a bit of Mike Oldfield music and if it’s accompanied by a rather clever video – then even better.

I first discovered Mike as a twelve year old and I’ve been addicted to him ever since. I must have most, if not all of his albums. As a keen music student myself I was captivated by the knowledge  that Mike played all of the instruments himself on Tubular Bells. When Hergest Ridge was released I remember listening to it on our local radio station, one night. They played both sides of the magical and eerie album. I saved up my paper round money and bought it, as soon as I could.

Mike used to live in a village near to my sister. One Christmas she and a friend collected a piece of overhanging holly, from a bush in his garden. I’ll admit I was tempted to stalk him when I found out where he lived. But, my husband didn’t think it was a very good idea. And no, I’m not going to tell you where it was, because there’ll be a mad rush of crazed Mike Oldfield fans all trying to nick holly from the garden. You’ll all be hanging out in the frozen food aisles of the local supermarket, as you try to discover Mike buying his fish fingers.

Any fan who is a proper fan will know that Michael now lives abroad…sob! and therefore there is no hope in hell of meeting him by the fish fingers…even if we do happen to think that he probably knows how to show a fish finger a brilliant time.

So, Mr Oldfield that piece of holly that you most definitely will have missed, all those Christmases ago…it was my sister who nicked it. In an attempt to drive me wild with jealousy, for you.  I can let you have her address, if you want? I’ll meet you by the fish fingers…I’ll be with my husband, who also likes your music. Okay?

Love from a crazed fan, who is old enough to know better, but just can’t help herself.

Thanks for dropping by here and enjoy the video.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

Chilled out ironing.


I have a monster of an ironing pile to work my way through. So, I’m going to drink Earl Grey tea, kick off my shoes and listen to some chill out music, whilst I iron out those creases. (Why do we do this? We stuff them in the wardrobe, they get creased up again and we’re back at the ironing board? We can’t venture out looking creased! )

I’ve been hunting for suitable chill out music and have come across this. I reckon it’s too beautiful not to share.

Do you have any ironing to do? Why not join me and listen to /watch this? The ironing won’t get done, will it? Because there are plenty more like this : which just have to be watched. Oh dear!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great Sunday, ironing or otherwise.

Until the next time.

Dorne x