What does your handwriting say about you?


Found on typeeverything.com
Found on typeeverything.com

As I write I can see the handwriting of my teacher of so many years ago. This lady taught me when I was eight years old.

I can recall being very excited about learning how to do joined up writing… I’d been pretending to do my version of it for some time.

We were all given smart lined – exercise books and new pencils;and  so our venture into grown up handwriting began.

My style of handwriting has evolved, of course. But, at the heart of it lies that style carefully taught to me my much-loved teacher, of all those years ago.

And, I’m still in touch with this clever woman who opened up the world of writing for me. We exchange Christmas cards every year.

As I read her lovely notes to me, I am transported back to my eight year old self, learning to join up s, w, m, t and everything else in between.

Found on whitemaqur.com
Found on whitemaqur.com

There is nothing quite like taking a rather fancy pen, pretty scented notebook and neatly recording your thoughts, is there?

As for what your handwriting says about you, I have found this quiz on Buzzfeed, click here to try.

I haven’t had time to do it yet, but, I am looking forward to discovering just what my handwriting reveals about my very private self.

How about you?

  • Care to share what your handwriting says about you?
  • How did you learn to join up your writing?

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

Dorne x