One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

Cold sea with C This is my entry for the One Word Photo Challenge, click here for more details. This fun challenge is organised by Jennifer and my thanks go to her, as usual.

This image was taken at the north bay, Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK.

Even at the height of summer the north sea can be wild and cold. For me, its dark grey and wild, dramatic tides make it rather romantic.

Can you feel the cold  breeze blowing towards you and the taste of gritty sand and salt on your lips?

Can you hear the tide as it crashes towards you and then back out, to the horizon?

Feel the soggy, uneven sand beneath your shoes, as it sinks down at the back of your heel.

You feel as if you’re going to fall backwards.

That cold wind slaps you in the face, again.

The sea spray is freezing on your forehead.

Time to make for home.

 To a pot of tea and warm crumpets, by a blazing fire.

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Dorne x

One Word Photo Challenge: Storm.

Storm with cMy entry for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge, click here for more information, has used some artistic licence.

The theme is storm and I didn’t want to just put up some pictures of storm clouds, although I have plenty of those. I am a bit of a sucker for dark and dramatic skies.

The above image shows my interpretation of some of my more, shall we say deeper dreams. In these dreams I wander about in a twilight world, with ordinary things at peculiar angles. Houses with never ending stairs and with no front elevations… open to the elements. Beautiful skies, blood red skies, and this sort of sky. Water everywhere, fast flowing and gently trickling. And I’m always looking for a damn toilet!  In short, I pass through many storms in my dreams.

I think my dreams indicate that I have some issues… ah hum! Don’t we all.

Time for me to take myself and my issues off. A big thanks to Jennifer, as usual, for organising this brilliant challenge. This one was a stinker Jennifer, in the best possible way. How I love a challenge. Think you can do better? Why not have a go!

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Dorne x

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

The sunSun is the topic of this week’s One Word Photo Challenge – click here for details and to see other entries.

I’m very fair skinned and so I burn very easily. I find a shady corner to hide in. If I’m feeling particularly daring, I’ll brave the sun for short periods of time. Too long and I start to feel sick and a dreaded migraine commences.

I love my little courtyard garden. It feels cosy and womb-like and I snuggle up in my cosy steamer chair, with a cuppa and a good book.

So, that’s how I take my sun.

What do you think about the sun? Are you a sun lover, or are you a bit of a shady customer, like me?

Thanks to Jennifer for this great challenge as always.

And thanks to you for dropping by. Have a good day, wherever you are.

Dorne. 🙂

One Word Photo Challenge: Rain.


Sea with cA beginning.

window rain with cA middle.

22082014 213419An end.

This is my offering for the One Word Photo Challenge. Click here for more details and to see the other amazing images.

Thanks to Jennifer who organises this fabulous weekly challenge. Having recently reached her one year anniversary, Jennifer is now asking us to interpret the weather, in our own individual ways.

This just gets better and better.

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Bye for now.

Dorne. 🙂