From humble heather… those clever Scots made my ring.

FHeather my ring nowThis post has been inspired by the discovery of my ring. Let me explain.

Last year, whilst holidaying in Pitlochry, Scotland I discovered an amazing place, just off the Atholl Road. Here, they make jewelry and gifts from heather. Yes! You read that correctly. Heather. I bought a ring and matching pendant.

Recently, I feared I’d lost my beloved heather ring. I’d been weight watching and my left little finger had lost some weight… result! Except, this is the ring that my heather ring adorned… not such a good result. I couldn’t find my ring. I hunted high and low and reluctantly resigned myself to the fact that I had lost my ring.

Then, I went into a drawer to get another ring out for my right little finger, which had also miraculously  lost weight.  There was my lost heather ring…  only not lost. This weight loss thing is going really well!

I was one happy bunny, with extremely slim paws,  jumping around on the moors.


Here’s how these clever Scottish people make these lovely things.

Firstly, picture  the wild and wind swept moors.

Moors 1These are the north York moors, near to where I’m lucky to live.

Moors 2And so are these. But, they could just as easily be in Scotland… so let’s pretend they are, for now.

Heather jewellery PitlochryIn eleven steps, heather is made into these rather fabulous objects.

Heather ring and pendant

The eleven steps are as follows, with my artistic interpretations.

1 : They collect the heather

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035936 my ring 4

2: They cut it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_040010 my ring sliced 5

3: They clean it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041304 my ring laquer it 1

4: Dye it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041658 mr ring dye it 4 SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041051mye ring dye it 2

5: Compress it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041956  my ring fit it 6

6: Slice it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035448 my ring 2

7: Turn it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041132 my ring turn it 1

8: Machine it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_044019 my ring machine it

9: Shape it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_040426 my ring fitted 1

10: Laquer it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041522 my ring fit it 1

11: Fit it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035533 my ring 3

I will add an additional step.

I where it with pride and it brings back happy memories of time spent in Scotland.

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_044337 my ring wear it 9

From a beautiful plant comes some absolutely fabulous items.

If you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth a visit and there is even a factory shop, where you can watch them making their jewelery and gifts,

This is not an advertisement, but they are called HeatherGems.



A few heather facts:

To grow heather you need a sandy, acid soil.

It flowers in late summer and has purple, or mauve flower heads.

Each flower produces 30 seeds.


I’ve tried, on several occasions to grow heather, but with no success… to date.

I may try again though. I fancy a tiny heather rockery. Somewhere I can gaze and marvel at where my beautiful ring and pendant came from. Amazing!

Do people even realise that jewelry and gifts can be crafted from heather in this unbelievable way? I certainly didn’t know until I found these clever people.

Wouldn’t it be cool to actually go out, collect the heather from the romantic moors of Scotland, take it back to the workshop and fashion a stunning piece of jewelry?


Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne. x