The humble starling: or is he?

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The starling: a beautiful and very clever bird in his own right. But, put him with a few friends in the fall and they can do this:

Want more?

Unbelievable indeed. Quite how and why they do this is beyond me. But, sometimes it makes nature’s spectacles all the more magnificent, when we don’t have all of the answers and we can just observe things like this…through child-like, wondrous eyes.

It is one of my dreams to film a display like this one day. If I ever manage it, I will post it on here…I won’t be able to help myself.

Nature at its most amazing.


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Let’s talk dreams.

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My good blogging friend Colleen Chesbro , over on Silver Threading , has a regular Mindful Monday column. I take a look each week, as it’s packed with loads of really great ideas to just be here and now! We writers/ artists do have a tendency to be elsewhere… yes?

Anyway, this week Colleen is looking at sleeping and all things connected to that mysterious thing, that some of us do more easily than others. If you want to take a look and I highly recommend it, click here.

But, this got me thinking about my bedtime routine, or more to the point – just how I quieten my noisy mind and relax my tensed up body.  I’ve being browsing Pinterest and have come up with some amazing images that rather beautifully illustrate my thoughts and dreams.

Here goes:

I descend a smooth marble staircase.

Found on fuckyouverymuch,dk
Found on fuckyouverymuch,dk

Counting backwards from ten. I feel the cool surface, beneath my naked feet.

At the bottom I go through a door and am met with this

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Found on

Of course, I plunge in, swim in the deliciously warm, natural water for a while and then

Found on
Found on

I travel down one of these. It takes me up and down and through the clear glass sides I can look down on magical bays, such as this.

Found on
Found on

Finally, as I feel my eyes becoming heavy with very welcome sleep, I curl up in this

Found on
Found on

I drift off to sleep in my cosy bed, beneath the heavens, that are overflowing with so many stars. I’m surrounded by nature and listen to the gentle, warm breeze, blowing the leaves in the tree canopies above me.

How about you?

  • What do you do to silence that incessant inner voice, to get some shut-eye?
  • Do you have a relaxing routine?
  • Care to share it here?

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