There may be something to salvage here : my inner child gets to play out some more.


New people have shown up on here and started following and this got me thinking. Very dangerous that for this butterfly brain. Perhaps, this blog deserves to live. Some of you may recall I have been keeping it – letting it go – for a while now.

I already blog on my main blog Write Dorne, but maybe my inner child is asking for some extra time to play. I’m not quite ready to grow up – nor go home for bedtime.

I’m sorting through the old toys and boxes in the attics. Memories are  flooding back and I’m wondering do I still fit into that beautiful old, favourite dress? If not, let’s make some alterations – or make it into something else completely different.

Let’s get creative!

I’ll get the paints out and paint to my heart’s content. And all of those photographs may find somewhere to live – rather than just in a computer folder.

And when I’ve done making art on my laptop – let’s be brave and put it up on here.

Let’s play and see what happens, who comes to join in and what games it leads to.


Welcome and thank you to my new followers.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x



Sculptures in Aberfoyle: a tribute to former crofting communities.

Found on
Found on

On my latest trawl of the internet to find interesting art installations I found this. On his website, Scottish sculptor  Rob Mulholland has this to say about his amazing sculptures at the David Marshall Lodge, Aberfoyle, Scotland click here for more information.


“Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland has created a ghostly art installation in the woodland walk at the David Marshall Lodge in Scotland titled Vestige. Originally intended to be temporary, the six mirrored life-size silhouettes (three men and three women) have been so popular that they are now to become a permanent fixture in the previously inhabited woodlands. Mulholland’s idea behind the installation seems twofold: 1) to create a vestige of the people who once occupied the land until following World War I, when they were re-located while forests were planted to generate timber and; 2) to make people ‘reflect’ upon man’s impact on the nature.

The almost imperceptible sculptures camouflaged by their surroundings have an eerie quality that has been compared by many to the predator in the 1980s film of the same name that seamlessly blends into its surroundings.”

He has also made a short video to give you a taster of his work and how it sits in the beautiful landscape.

I haven’t seen this installation in person, but certainly from the beautiful images, which first caught my attention and the beautifully shot video ( along with one of my favourite songs) I would certainly visit, if I got the chance.

I think it’s a fitting way to honour the former communities of this part of the forests and woodlands, that were displaced by the First World War and the need for fast growing timber.

Certainly to me, the sculptures come across as glassy ghosts that still inhabit the remains of their well-loved crofts and settlements in the forests.

I can almost imagine myself crunching through the undergrowth of the forest, taking in the heady scent of the pine and other trees; and suddenly encountering a transparent ghost. I’d feel the cold, glassy surface and look at the world beyond, or behind: through the ghostly, silent figure. (Whether it be on to a summer’s, lush forest, an autumnal flash of amazing colour, a slowly – waking spring vision, or a bed of beautiful, pure snow.) A figure that haunts its former home and connected with it so much, that it is content to remain. A reminder of what once was and how man lived in this landscape.


I hope you enjoyed exploring these sculptures as much as I did and thanks for stopping by here.

Until the next time.

Dorne x




Tree root chandeliers.

Found on
Found on

I’m still a Pinterest virgin, but I’m learning…I hope. Today’s foray into this wonderful and inspiring internet zone has brought these rather cool images to my attention. So, now I bring them to you. Keep clicking on the images to bring up a proper size picture.

In this installation by Guiseppe Lican tree roots emerge from the ceiling.

I love all things trees, their leaves, bark, roots, the sounds they make and the cycles they go through. Where would we be without beautiful trees….quite possibly extinct?

What a cool idea for chandeliers. Just stunning…I hope you agree.

That’s it for now and a big thanks for dropping by here. Have a great Thursday evening.

Until the next time.

Dorne x


Migraine art/photography: migraine is not just a headache.

new header for inner childMigraines feature largely in my life. I say that almost as if I am proud of them… I’m not. I have just grown into an acceptance of them. Hormonal changes seem to drive mine and as I am the owner of an underactive thyroid gland and am a menopausal woman[ watch out!], I am pretty much at the mercy of the damn things.

Today, I would like to give you non-migraineurs an idea of what I see when I have a migraine with aura. This is just one aspect of it. There are the infamous flashing lights as well. Which commence in one corner of an eye, in my case usually the left, and gradually spread across the eye. This leaves you with double, or triple vision. Not the sort of thing you welcome if you’re out and about in the car!

If you are unable to medicate at this stage you’re doomed. In fact, sometimes you need to be taking the pills long before the aura appears. There will be warning signs. Excessive yawning… no you’re not boring me. Slight paralysis on one side of the body… in my case it’s the right and I can stick pins in it and not feel it. Trust me, I’ve put it to the test. It makes for difficulty eating, as I often miss my mouth [ not an attractive look] and am unable to chew properly.

Nothing escapes this monster and Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS looms large. Your migraine is then a whole body migraine… yes it really does exist. It can weaken your muscles and leave you feeling like you’ve done 10 rounds with Mohamed Ali, when he was at his prime.

Then, you may get the headache proper. Light, sound and life in general will make you quite literally sick and you will need to hide away in a darkened, quiet corner.

Migraine is not just a headache and unfortunately it is often for life.

So, are there any fellow migraineurs out there?

  • Can you relate to my migraine art?
  • How do you feel about your monster?
  • If you don’t have migraines, has my post helped you to appreciate what migraines are like?

Thanks for dropping by and reading.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

From humble heather… those clever Scots made my ring.

FHeather my ring nowThis post has been inspired by the discovery of my ring. Let me explain.

Last year, whilst holidaying in Pitlochry, Scotland I discovered an amazing place, just off the Atholl Road. Here, they make jewelry and gifts from heather. Yes! You read that correctly. Heather. I bought a ring and matching pendant.

Recently, I feared I’d lost my beloved heather ring. I’d been weight watching and my left little finger had lost some weight… result! Except, this is the ring that my heather ring adorned… not such a good result. I couldn’t find my ring. I hunted high and low and reluctantly resigned myself to the fact that I had lost my ring.

Then, I went into a drawer to get another ring out for my right little finger, which had also miraculously  lost weight.  There was my lost heather ring…  only not lost. This weight loss thing is going really well!

I was one happy bunny, with extremely slim paws,  jumping around on the moors.


Here’s how these clever Scottish people make these lovely things.

Firstly, picture  the wild and wind swept moors.

Moors 1These are the north York moors, near to where I’m lucky to live.

Moors 2And so are these. But, they could just as easily be in Scotland… so let’s pretend they are, for now.

Heather jewellery PitlochryIn eleven steps, heather is made into these rather fabulous objects.

Heather ring and pendant

The eleven steps are as follows, with my artistic interpretations.

1 : They collect the heather

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035936 my ring 4

2: They cut it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_040010 my ring sliced 5

3: They clean it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041304 my ring laquer it 1

4: Dye it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041658 mr ring dye it 4 SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041051mye ring dye it 2

5: Compress it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041956  my ring fit it 6

6: Slice it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035448 my ring 2

7: Turn it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041132 my ring turn it 1

8: Machine it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_044019 my ring machine it

9: Shape it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_040426 my ring fitted 1

10: Laquer it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_041522 my ring fit it 1

11: Fit it

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_035533 my ring 3

I will add an additional step.

I where it with pride and it brings back happy memories of time spent in Scotland.

SuperPhoto_Creation_2015-06-01_044337 my ring wear it 9

From a beautiful plant comes some absolutely fabulous items.

If you’re ever in the area, it’s well worth a visit and there is even a factory shop, where you can watch them making their jewelery and gifts,

This is not an advertisement, but they are called HeatherGems.



A few heather facts:

To grow heather you need a sandy, acid soil.

It flowers in late summer and has purple, or mauve flower heads.

Each flower produces 30 seeds.


I’ve tried, on several occasions to grow heather, but with no success… to date.

I may try again though. I fancy a tiny heather rockery. Somewhere I can gaze and marvel at where my beautiful ring and pendant came from. Amazing!

Do people even realise that jewelry and gifts can be crafted from heather in this unbelievable way? I certainly didn’t know until I found these clever people.

Wouldn’t it be cool to actually go out, collect the heather from the romantic moors of Scotland, take it back to the workshop and fashion a stunning piece of jewelry?


Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne. x


Let’s talk dreams.

space blog header

My good blogging friend Colleen Chesbro , over on Silver Threading , has a regular Mindful Monday column. I take a look each week, as it’s packed with loads of really great ideas to just be here and now! We writers/ artists do have a tendency to be elsewhere… yes?

Anyway, this week Colleen is looking at sleeping and all things connected to that mysterious thing, that some of us do more easily than others. If you want to take a look and I highly recommend it, click here.

But, this got me thinking about my bedtime routine, or more to the point – just how I quieten my noisy mind and relax my tensed up body.  I’ve being browsing Pinterest and have come up with some amazing images that rather beautifully illustrate my thoughts and dreams.

Here goes:

I descend a smooth marble staircase.

Found on fuckyouverymuch,dk
Found on fuckyouverymuch,dk

Counting backwards from ten. I feel the cool surface, beneath my naked feet.

At the bottom I go through a door and am met with this

Found on
Found on

Of course, I plunge in, swim in the deliciously warm, natural water for a while and then

Found on
Found on

I travel down one of these. It takes me up and down and through the clear glass sides I can look down on magical bays, such as this.

Found on
Found on

Finally, as I feel my eyes becoming heavy with very welcome sleep, I curl up in this

Found on
Found on

I drift off to sleep in my cosy bed, beneath the heavens, that are overflowing with so many stars. I’m surrounded by nature and listen to the gentle, warm breeze, blowing the leaves in the tree canopies above me.

How about you?

  • What do you do to silence that incessant inner voice, to get some shut-eye?
  • Do you have a relaxing routine?
  • Care to share it here?

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

Dorne. x

Are you into computer art? Take a look at these.

butterfly-blog-with-c.jpgIf I can’t get my paints and brushes out to play with, then I love to indulge in a little computer art. There are some amazing apps available these days and they don’t cost the earth.

The above image was generated using  my photographs and SuperPhoto –   the full version, which was less than a fiver.

Here are some more.


blog head


Poppy cube

That’s enough of my photographs/ artwork for one post.

If you get a chance to try out the numerous photography apps, I’d recommend it. Only… just be prepared to be playing with them a longgggggg time! They’re extremely addictive.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great evening.

Dorne. 🙂