Spring: a time of colour.

I love this time of the year… there are colours everywhere.



Trees awaken from their deep slumber and their fresh green and red leaves adorn the branches.

spring 1

The sweet scent of the lilac and the feathery leaves of the weeping willow, by the river.


dark clouds

Romantic purple and grey clouds lie heavy in the sky and add to the wonderful show of colour.

Spring: a time of new growth, fresh hope and long days.

Enjoy it whilst it is here.

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne. x

From sunrise to sunset.

03102014 212233 sunrise 22082014 212545Although my name is Dorne, I rarely witness the dawn. I’m not really a morning person – unfortunately. So, when I do get to see a sunrise, if it is fabulous like the one on the left; it is my reward for waking early.

Sunsets are easier and I grab my greyhound; and my camera and head off up the lane to get the shots.

Which do you prefer – a sunrise, with the promise of a virgin day ahead? Or the peaceful sunset,as the day takes its leave of you?

Me? I love a glorious sunset. I take stock of the day that has been and am grateful for that day’s achievements, no matter how small. .

Thank you for taking the time to visit and maybe you’ll get to witness a special sunset today!

Bye for now.

Dorne 🙂