Let’s talk snow… it’s just a memory.


There was a time when I lived in a place where, if it snowed…  boy did it snow!  Massive drifts of the beautiful white stuff was the norm. And being snowed in the house was not unusual. The car needed snow chains on to get anywhere and the boot of it was always weighted down… for extra traction.


They don’t make snow like they used to, these days.

I live in a vale that seems to be in a no man’s land… and bang in between weather systems. To the north and south of us there is weather. Where we are, we can expect the exact opposite of what others are getting.



This is not to say that we don’t get some fabulous weather and skies. We have big skies here. But, they can threaten snow, thunderstorms and clear off just as quickly as they appeared.

And sometimes it’s too cold to snow. The immediate world is just frozen solid.

We seem to have our very own weather system.


I happen to love snow. Hey, who’d have thought it?

  • I love the quiet and peacefulness that it brings. That sense of solitude. The dull sound of the traffic as it slowly rolls past our cottage, when we have heavy snow
  • The sundown barn owl that looks for its tea over the long grass, protruding from the snow, at the edge of the field
  • The footprints in the snow… human and animal
  • The quality of light that a layer of thick snow radiates
  • Walks at night in the snow… no torches required. Team it with a full moon… perfection
  • Battling my way through a blizzard
  • The beautiful landscapes just waiting to be photographed, painted and written about

If you’re well wrapped up against the elements there is no better thing than trudging through the snow… and a great work out for the leg muscles as well. The freezing, clear air creeps into your body and gives you a detox. You’re pitted against nature and it’s a battle to survive. That element of danger is addictive and yet terrifying. Snow deserves respect.

And then when you make it back home, there’s the tea and crumpets to savour. Don’t worry about the calories… you’ve just done your exercise for the day.

So, bring on the snow I say. I want to walk and play and see what other animals have been out playing and walking in it.

How about you… do you love the snow?

Thanks for dropping by.

Dorne x





5 thoughts on “Let’s talk snow… it’s just a memory.

    1. Thanks. Our weather fluctuates between spring – like days and a return to winter chills, at the moment.
      I also blog at Write Dorne , if you’re interested. There should be a link in my sidebar. x

  1. I used to love the snow purely because we had the potential for snow days and I wouldn’t have to go to work but would have to do lots of work from home instead haha! Now, as i work from home full time, I go out and take it all in -I live next to a beautiful park and it’s so pretty when it snows!

    1. If we have a winter without snow, ice, frost or mist I feel cheated. There is so much colour in snow and the way it reflects the light.
      You and I are lucky in that we can plan our days and take in the views/nature and weather without an employer breathing down our necks. I bet you’re glad you took that brave step and left teaching.
      I’ve had to stick my desk in a corner, away from the window. The sheep, squirrels pheasants and grouse in the paddock opposite us were just too much of a distraction.
      Sounds like you have a good view as well.
      Let’s hope it snows some more.
      Love your blog and keep those great posts coming Suzie. X

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