See the beauty: the sun doesn’t need to always shine.

WP_20160412_16_43_50_Pro_edited trees 9Just checking in with some images I got the other day, whilst out walking my faithful greyhound,

It was a grey day and the heavens had opened…on my poor hubby on his mobility scooter!

But afterwards, there was a wonderful light. So I took some pictures.

trees 432trees 5

That’s it for now.

I apologize for being rather absent from here of lately. I will try to keep up: famous last words!

Thanks for stopping by.

Dorne x

9 thoughts on “See the beauty: the sun doesn’t need to always shine.

  1. Famous last words indeed…probably because we all use them…especially blogging…school report to self..must do better. Apology accepted because those are brilliant images. Did you create the wall prints used in the room shots because they are awesome x

  2. Hi Gary. Yes I usually have the last word….as for the images? Well, I could tell you that those prints hang on my pristine and calm, white walls. (With a youngish dog in the house?) But, they don’t.
    I use an app called Photo Montager ( the full version). It doesn’t cost the Earth and it has some pretty nifty things on it and great ways to cheat BIG TIME with your images!.
    Thanks for your kind words and I’m glad you liked them.
    Dorne x

    1. I was thinking more rhetorical last words eh I’m not going to mess that up again type of last word and then promptly messing it up again 🤕

      Thanks for the app name. I may look at that as I am totally rubbish art wise…which is why I get envious of people like you that can 😇 I mean that in a positive accolade type of way…just to be clear…although that’s a phrase politicians use over here and is now a way of saying I’m about to take twenty minutes of your time to lie….which I’m not…just to be absolutely clear….

      No thanks necessesary…love them x

      1. Possibly in a post if I can find the right blend of macabre and frame…although not being naturally arty this might prove tricky 👻

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