I’ve changed my mind…again!

Before Christmas, which feels like ages ago now, I had just about talked myself into closing this blog down and sticking with Write Dorne (my sister blog). But, I’ve changed my mind again. Partly because folk take the time to visit , like and comment and because it probably represents the real me. I have a bit of a butterfly mind!

Yes, I may be spreading myself too thinly and I’m possibly the proud owner of two mediocre blogs. But, that is fine by me. I don’t want a blog that is bigger than me. I don’t have the time to properly administer it.

I think of my blogs as a bit like online diaries  and I write, play, create and brag whenever I feel like it. I’ve heard it said that blogging can be likened to graffiti! I think they may have a point.

So, my particular brand of graffiti is remaining on here. I’ll show up as and when and just be me. I thank you for taking the time to visit and follow.

Now…lets have a dance. I think I may have spotted Sir David Attenborough dancing in the background of this video! So cool, or what?

Thanks for visiting.

Dorne x


7 thoughts on “I’ve changed my mind…again!

  1. Stumbled across this from another blog where you left a comment. I empathise with the content and time, spreading yourself thin and then the inspiration to continue because people take time to read and comment. In fact reading that has inspired me too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Gary and thanks for taking the time to stop by here, read and comment…it’s always appreciated.
      I’ve come close to stopping blogging recently. Let’s just say this year to date has been a bit challenging. But, writing and blogging is in my blood and I find that I can’t walk away. So, I go quiet for a while, whilst I get my act together and then I find the time etc to write and blog a bit. Life is a juggling act, isn’t it?
      I will check out your blog and am delighted/amazed/gob-smacked that I have inspired someone!
      Thanks again and thanks for the follow. x

      1. Hi Dorne, don’t be amazed because you words struck a chord. I opened mine two years ago and left it collecting cobwebs until this January. The juggling act as you describe. Thing is I love commenting and meeting new people so it’s hard to just stop and never come back. I only follow blogs I like too…or ones with an author who grabs me with their words. Yours fits both criteria…which might be unfortunate for you if I am in the mood to comment ramble 😁 X

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