Migraine art/photography: migraine is not just a headache.

new header for inner childMigraines feature largely in my life. I say that almost as if I am proud of them… I’m not. I have just grown into an acceptance of them. Hormonal changes seem to drive mine and as I am the owner of an underactive thyroid gland and am a menopausal woman[ watch out!], I am pretty much at the mercy of the damn things.

Today, I would like to give you non-migraineurs an idea of what I see when I have a migraine with aura. This is just one aspect of it. There are the infamous flashing lights as well. Which commence in one corner of an eye, in my case usually the left, and gradually spread across the eye. This leaves you with double, or triple vision. Not the sort of thing you welcome if you’re out and about in the car!

If you are unable to medicate at this stage you’re doomed. In fact, sometimes you need to be taking the pills long before the aura appears. There will be warning signs. Excessive yawning… no you’re not boring me. Slight paralysis on one side of the body… in my case it’s the right and I can stick pins in it and not feel it. Trust me, I’ve put it to the test. It makes for difficulty eating, as I often miss my mouth [ not an attractive look] and am unable to chew properly.

Nothing escapes this monster and Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS looms large. Your migraine is then a whole body migraine… yes it really does exist. It can weaken your muscles and leave you feeling like you’ve done 10 rounds with Mohamed Ali, when he was at his prime.

Then, you may get the headache proper. Light, sound and life in general will make you quite literally sick and you will need to hide away in a darkened, quiet corner.

Migraine is not just a headache and unfortunately it is often for life.

So, are there any fellow migraineurs out there?

  • Can you relate to my migraine art?
  • How do you feel about your monster?
  • If you don’t have migraines, has my post helped you to appreciate what migraines are like?

Thanks for dropping by and reading.

Until the next time.

Dorne x

8 thoughts on “Migraine art/photography: migraine is not just a headache.

  1. I am a migraineur, although mine have lessened in intensity as I have grown older. Several years ago I had a migraine that lasted for 13 days. I cannot take prescription migraine medications because I have a heart rhythm problem, and the meds can send me to the hospital (or even kill me, according to the doctor). My sister also has terrible migraines.

    1. I should imagine migraines have made your life a challenge. I’m glad to hear that they’re not quite as intense, these days. My headaches never go. The best I can hope for is what I call a ‘background’ headache, where at least it I can get on with something; and try to ignore it. My meds knock it back a bit and I’m grateful that I can take them.
      Unfortunately migraines seem to run in families, don’t they? I seem to have passed them on to my daughter.
      Never mind we adapt and keep going, don’t we?
      Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment and it’s great to meet you. 🙂

  2. I’ve only had one migraine and it was weird. I was at work and my eyes went wonky. The whole world seemed like it was underwater, the light refracted like a kaleidoscope. There was no pain, so I figured there was something wrong with my eyes (or brain). I went to an eye doctor and he said I had a migraine. I got off easy compared to the suffering you describe :-(.

    1. Yes, I keep hoping that they will bugger off. But, the menopause is just making them so much more fun! Never mind, I have developed better coping strategies these days and when I can’t cope…I can’t cope!
      It’s all part of life’s merry little dance, isn’t it? x

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