One Word Photo Challenge: Storm.

Storm with cMy entry for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge, click here for more information, has used some artistic licence.

The theme is storm and I didn’t want to just put up some pictures of storm clouds, although I have plenty of those. I am a bit of a sucker for dark and dramatic skies.

The above image shows my interpretation of some of my more, shall we say deeper dreams. In these dreams I wander about in a twilight world, with ordinary things at peculiar angles. Houses with never ending stairs and with no front elevations… open to the elements. Beautiful skies, blood red skies, and this sort of sky. Water everywhere, fast flowing and gently trickling. And I’m always looking for a damn toilet!  In short, I pass through many storms in my dreams.

I think my dreams indicate that I have some issues… ah hum! Don’t we all.

Time for me to take myself and my issues off. A big thanks to Jennifer, as usual, for organising this brilliant challenge. This one was a stinker Jennifer, in the best possible way. How I love a challenge. Think you can do better? Why not have a go!

Thanks for stopping by.

Dorne x

3 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Storm.

  1. I love seeing artistic interpretations of dreams. My senior project in college was just that (although I’m not super fond of the images I created for it now, it was a fun process). In any case, yes, we all have issues! haha. Your dreams sound so intriguing.

    1. Sorry Jennifer, this comment slipped through the net.
      Yes, dreams are fascinating things. I have dreams and places that I visit in them that have remained constant, over the years. Weird, or what? x

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