Study 63: Art Resolutions-Beyond the meadow

What a great idea to create a piece of artwork a day.
A great picture.
Thanks for dropping by and have a good day… creating.
Dorne. 🙂

Travels of Bogie

Art Resolutions is a self-imposed initiative to create an art study every day for a year.

In a world where voice bites reign, looking beyond the obvious is becoming a lost art. All too easy to miss the subtle, the modest, the quiet. As in yesterday’s study, I found myself examining the landscape scanning deeper into the brush beyond the meadow. The scrub trees were no longer legions of weak sentinels, but graceful calligraphic lines gathering in soft pale shades of the forest blues and chestnut. I have questions of interpretation to answer. The brush shows itself in families of color and form and yet is a system which speaks as one. That may take more than a day, but the experimenting will  be a thoughtful joy and an adventure into the wood.

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